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wouldn't I love to explore that shore above?【 for [personal profile] dontlosehope

[They had been dating for about three months. With every month that passed by, Asahina made sure to make a note in the palm of her hand. But no matter how many times she's written it in her hand (and She might have also traced their names into her hand too. Oops.), she couldn't believe that it had already been three months. Time flew by and it felt like just yesterday they confessed their feelings for each other and started dating. Time flies whenever she's with him, but that just shows how much fun she has whenever they are together.

There was no doubt in her mind, these were by far the best three months of her life and she was only going to continue to cherish every single time they would spend with each other.

Luckily for the pair, Hope's Peak had let the students take a quick weekend break to refresh their minds after finishing up exams. Asahina's dream date had always been to go to the beach, but it had been too cold to go splash around in the waters. Now that they were free and that summertime was finally here, Asahina wasted no time in asking Naegi out on a date to the beach.

The sun was shining, the white sands stretched out for miles and the ocean waves were like a melody to the swimmer girl's ears when they finally reached their destination.]

Makoto, we are here!!

[Even if the expression on her face looked a bit intense, she was so excited that she could hardly even contain herself.]

We're at the beach! Can you believe it? We're at the beach!!

[She points towards the ocean.]

The beach!!!

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