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Makoto Naegi ([personal profile] dontlosehope) wrote in [community profile] pinkcake 2017-04-10 01:57 am (UTC)

[He couldn't help laughing a little and rubbing the back of his neck. He... really didn't need to say anything about that, did he?]

That's true. Better to eat after than before.

[As for stretches... well, it was pretty well known that Naegi wasn't very good at a lot of things. Stretching before a swim was one of them. But like with swimming, he got better at it with Asahina's help. He bent down a little and stretched his legs... as much as he could, anyway. And then his arms, and then his shoulders. Ow, that was a muscle popping.

Soon enough, he was done, and ready to go.]
I'm ready when you are!

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