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Aoi Asahina ([personal profile] seastyle) wrote in [community profile] pinkcake 2017-04-16 08:54 pm (UTC)

[When he squeezes her hand, she starts to giggle and even feels a little relaxed from his touch.]

Well, your practicing has paid off and I'm so proud of you! Besides... [She tilts her head a little towards the side and a sly grin starts to form on her lips.] I know that you practiced a lot harder than you claim to, silly! The Makoto I know is resilient and never gives up.

[Suddenly, she starts feeling a little bashful. A tint of red starts to form on her cheeks and she looks at him, her eyes were filled with adoration for the boy that she was head over heels in love with.]

Makoto... [She tries to hide her blush with a smile, even though it was still painfully obvious.] Thank you! I'm so happy to hear that. I know that I explain things kinda weird, so I'm really happy to hear that I was a good teacher for you.

[She knew that she wasn't the brightest and best at explaining things, so there was a tiny part of her that was always worried about how she came across when teaching people how to swim. Hearing the heart warming praise gave her confidence.]

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