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Aoi Asahina ([personal profile] seastyle) wrote in [community profile] pinkcake2017-04-16 12:14 pm

welcome to the sea-colored gates!【 for [personal profile] encrypting

[So many things have happened to the 78 Class in such a short amount of time. What was suppossed to be a school year filled with heartfelt memories turned into a nightmare. Now the class found themselves sealed away in the school, away from the decaying world that was outside the school's doors.

Asahina is laying in her bed, looking up at the ceiling while letting out the longest sigh that's ever been sighed. They were suppossed to be safe in here, right? Despite that thought, she couldn't help but feel guilty that they were safe while everyone else outside was suffering. Finally, she couldn't take this. She needed to go release some pent up frustration.


The swimmer girl jumps out of her bed, grabbing her swimsuit along with a few other things. She practically kicks the door open and starts bolting her way to the pool. (She didn't even care if Ishimaru caught her running in the halls. In her mind: This was totally welcome in a school enviroment, okay!!!) Asahina was so caught up in trying to make it to the pool that she didn't even notice Chihiro standing far away and in the most ungraceful matter ever, she runs straight into him, causing both of them to crash into the ground.]


[In an instant, she gets up and rushes over to Chihiro, holding out her hand to help him stand up.]

I'm so sorry! I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. [OBVIOUSLY, ASAHINA.] Are you okay? I didn't run into you too hard, did I?

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