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wheezes a decade later

[No one could have predicted how any of this could have happened. What started as a school scandal that seemed to be straight out of a work of fiction somehow escalated to the point the riots and wars had no meaning besides destruction for the mere sake of it. Of course the last thing Chihiro manages to create had been Alter Ego and the guide manual to the project he's been working with two upperclassmen before the world became the fiery hell it is now, he can only hope that the manual is safe in Gekkougahara's hands.

Things are safe here, and he never stops feeling guilty to have the fortune of being protected behind the doors of Hope's Peak Academy's old building. His wonders of his parents, Gekkougahara, worried of the possible fate anyone he knows ending up like Yuuto Kamishiro or Yasuke Matsuda. What's more terrifying about their fate is the fact he didn't knew until it was all too late.

If only he traced emails further than Kamishiro had asked then maybe...

Well, it's too late now. Hoping is the only thing he can do now.


[His thoughts however came to a halt immediately as he finds himself falling and landing on his butt. It takes him a second to realize who he bumps into.]

N, no! It's fine, I'm okay...!

[He ducks his head in embarrassment, well as far it goes, but he doesn't look too okay. With his thoughts of being critical melting away the realization that he just bumped into one of the nicest people he's ever known and the fact he's still wearing a skirt despite the fact they all know his real gender at this point. It's still kind of a subject he's having a hard time believing, that he still wears feminine clothes in fear that it might have been a distant dream to begin with.

But more importantly! He braces himself to look up and look at Aoi in the eye. His brown eyes show nothing but concern and worry.

Are you okay though, Asahina? I hope I hadn't hit you too hard.

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