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Aoi Asahina ([personal profile] seastyle) wrote in [community profile] pinkcake 2017-05-28 07:57 am (UTC)

LOOK AT ME REPLYING TWO WEEKS LATER... /gives you all the late starbucks

[While Asahina was far from being the brightest crayon in in the box, she did take note of his frown. In return, she tries to give him her best reassuring smile. She wasn't quite sure if he believed her, but it didn't hurt to try and reassure him more, right?]

I was! I needed to let out some stress and whenever I'm feeling down, swimming a lap or two always helps me calm down. Something about the rush and being in the water helps me feel at peace.

[At that moment, a very brilliant idea pops up into her head.]

Hey! What are you up to Fujisaki? If you'd like, maybe we can do something together? It totally doesn't have to be swimming or anything! We could just like, talk or... eat our worries away!! But we can also swim if you'd like too!!

[She might have sounded a little too excited at the mention of a swim with him. Really, what she needed the most right now was to just chill out and talk to someone. This whole situation was driving her crazy and she needed to get her mind off of things.]

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