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Mikoshiba Mikoto ([personal profile] mikodere) wrote in [community profile] pinkcake2017-06-08 10:15 pm

Acacia heart; Drawn by excitement, I'm swept away【 for [personal profile] constellates

[It was just another typical day at Enchanting Blossoms.

The big holidays had passed and now buisness was going back to it's regular slow pace. It was a bit unfortunate, because while he loved the trade, this job.

Today, Mikoto happened to be by himself while manning the shop. As he was watering the pink roses hanging from one of the flower pots, he suddenly hears a crashing sound that catches him by complete and total surprise. He quickly whips his head to the source of the noise, his precious cat; Noa had knocked over one of the flower pots holding several white lilies. With a long sigh, he quickly makes his way over to sweep up the mess.

But as soon as he picks up one of the fallen lilies, he freezes up. For some reason, it made him feel almost... nostalgic.

It was as if he was suppossed to remember something, but he couldn't remember what that something was.]


[He scratches the side of his head, nothing was coming to mind.

The only thing that he can conclude was that he probably needed to get better sleep. Yup. That was definitely it.]

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