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✿ ooc permissions


ღ Speed: I'm pretty all over the place, I'll either be really fast or slow. Feel free to poke me if it's been over a week since I last replied!
ღ Style: I prefer either brackets or prose, but scripting and commenting are perfectly fine with me!

♡ Permissions

ღ Backtagging: Yes! I tend to be slow or pick up old threads, myself.
ღ Fourthwalling: Yup!
ღ Threadjacking: Perfectly fine with it!

ღ Relationships
↪ Negative: Yes~ I might stumble around but I'm down for some hatemance.
↪ Platonic: Yes! Bring on ALL of the brotps.
↪ Romantic: Open to any type of romantic shipping. ♡ Any sort of physical affection like hand holding, kissing, hugging is perfectly fine with me! You are more than welcome to flirt with any of my muses and enjoy the various reactions. I'm also very open to any kind of cross canon ships.
↪ Sexual: Depends on muse and mun chemistry but I'd prefer it not get shoved into my face.
ღ Physical Violence: I'm okay with it so long as it's not too detailed and graphic.
ღ Others: Please avoid mention of decomposition, multiation or anything too gorey.

Feel free to message me with any questions, because I'm always forgetting something! :') You can also catch me at [plurk.com profile] konimi