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Where is the door to an endless summer?【for [personal profile] trabryu

[Upon stepping to the festival with her yellow yukata, Hanamaru's eyes were practically glowing like the lanterns that surrounded the place. She couldn't believe her eyes, everything looked so pretty!! The summer festivals back home at Uchiura was something she always looked forward to every year. But this year was different. She and the rest of the Aqours where in Tokyo in order to train and concidentally; they happened to be in town for Tokyo's summer festival. It some time to convince Dia to let them take a break, but she eventually agreed to let them at least look around for one day. This was her first time going to a out of town festival and she was so positively excited to try everything and anything!!!!

Slowly, the girls were beginning to separate and explore the festival on their own or in a small group and by this point, most of them have separated from each other. Hanamaru was walking with Ruby and Dia as she was admiring everything. There were so many tasty looking food booths and cute prizes to win from the games. She didn't know what she wanted to do first.

However, her tummy was beginning to rumble. Welp, she knew what she was trying first! Her eyes scanned around the area, until they fell upon a cotton candy stand. It was pretty much an instant decision right there; cotton candy sounded really good right now.]

Ruby-chan! I will be right back. I see a cotton candy stand over there and now I'm craving some. I won't forget to bring you a super fluffy cotton candy!

[With a hungry stomach and a happy heart, she immediately makes her way over towards the cotton candy stand. There's a good line ahead of her and due to her height, she couldn't see who exactly was running the booth from where she was standing. But that was fine! All she had to do was be patient; good things come to those who wait.

After a few moments, it's finally her turn and she's eagerly digging into her wallet. The sweet aroma of the cotton candy was mouth watering, she couldn't take it anymore!! She had to have some.]

Hello! What flavors do you have?
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[ Well hello there.

Mondo's been manning the booth for couple o' hours now, seeing adorable looking petite girls or beautiful slender women in yukata isn't anything new ー ain't that the point of matsuri in the first place? ー but that doesn't make it any less exciting. Unfortunately, that doesn't show in his actions. Even after hours he's still terrible at this... sales is the worst department to put him at. ]

Oh, uh. Yeah, welcome.

[ Another guy at the back calls out to him, "Aniki, do you want me to handle this?" ]

Shut up, I've got this!

[ He'll turn his head back to the chick, still with a menacing expression for a few seconds before scrambling to look more apologetic. ]

Uh. Sorry. We've got strawberry, melon, lemon, grape, uh...

[ "Blue Hawaii," the guy behind whispers, though loud enough to be audible. Mondo clicks his tongue. ]

Blue Hawaii, and mango. Whaddaya want?

[ So gentle, Mondo. ]
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[ Zu... what.

Mondo has to look away for a bit because shit, that's... fucking adorable?! Is this what those freaks feel when they see their anime, uh, the hell was it again? Wives? Is this what they call 'moe'?! Holy crap. Why's she staring at him like that?! ]

Uh. 'sー 's fine.

[ He's chill, he's fine, he's gotta be cool in front of a customer, god. Alright, what did she ask? Favourite flavour? ]


[ "Aniki... We don't have that flavour." ]

Uh. Strawberry.

[ Also pink, close enough. Whatever. Why the hell don't they have it anyway?! The vanilla one's the original, goddammit! ]

...Guess mango's not too bad too.

[ He's trying. He puts aside his bias though he doesn't really fancy all these different flavours, see?

"Aniki... you're really bad at this." Seemingly unable to tolerate it any further, Mondo's angry 'ahhh?!' gets ignored as the young man goes on, "Miss, I definitely recommend Blue Hawaii too! It's got some exotic taste, perfect for summer! It'll keep you refreshed!" ]

Tch. So what ya gonna get?

[ If you can sense annoyance in the tone, it's actually directed towards the other dude for being... good at his job. Mondo just sucks at aiming where to unleash it. ]
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[ No, god! What the fuck's with all that zura-thing?! Why the hell's that cute?! Red splashes across his face as his eyes are all dilated and focused on the Zura Girl. ]

T, thanks.

[ The other guy chimes in, "ーfor your patronage!" You'd think after hours Mondo'll get better at this. Ok, to be fair he was sorta better... until this Zura Girl comes over and blows his head off. Goddammit. ]

That's 1000 yen.

[ He's been thinking this since the time they started ー in fact a long while now, but holy shit, cotton candies are so fuckin' simple to make yet so highly overpriced on these festivals. ...'s not like he could give the girl a discount just 'cuz she's cute, though. ]
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[ Hey, cut it out??? HE'S NOT SHY!!! ]

Please wait for a moment.

[ That was super rigid but he's chill he's chill, he's keepin' it chill. His hands are doing fine putting that one thousand yen note to the cash register drawer. Huffs, and that's done. Now to worー wha?! ]


[ He stops on his tracks, looking at the fluffy Zura girl with confusion. ]

...Sure, I guess. It's not... very interesting.

[ 's not like being watched will make his work any less good, anyway! He'll show her his deft hands! (Though the machine's the one will be doing most of the job...) Anyway, what she'll see is a humongous metallic bowl with a disc-shaped spinner on the center of it. He'll use tiny scooping spoons (that probably look even tinier in his yaoi hand) to sprinkle coloured granulated sugar into the opening in the spinning head. It takes some time, but they'll be able to see webs forming widely around the bowl. This is where Mondo begins to show his skills. Grabbing a wooden stick, he begins twirling it to wrap the cotton-like solidifying sugar around the rims in clockwise motion. All the nerves that seem to be showing in his face has vanished completely, his scrunched together brows and a very solemn look are left there. He doesn't have to leeway to be nervous ー if he doesn't focus and do it carefully, the shape will be unfortunate.

Look at that, it's quickly fluffing up into a ball of cloud! Within less than two minutes, a perfectly pink cotton candy is ready to serve. He looks at it with a proud smirk for a moment, before realising again that someone's looking at him, and... goodbye focus. ]

What do you waー Uh. What would you like your plastic bag to be?

[ He points at the various plastic bags they have for her to choose. ]
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[ The future? This girl's exaggerating. Even if her zuras earn some cookie points, she's... pretty weird. (But still cute.) ]

...'m not.

[ Having a cotton candy business would be the dream, but there are other things he wants to try too. Still, that makes him a little happy ー probably hard to tell with his unfriendly face. He shoves the round pink cotton candy to the Hello Kitty bag as requested, and begins his quest for the blue one.

"Roger that, Miss!" the other dude has to say, because Mondo's already focusing on the second cotton candy. Whipping the second one takes considerably lesser time with how much more focused he is, and if you just take your eyes off him for a moment, it'll be as if he's done it in an instant. Just a little over a minute, he's already putting it in the Rilakkuma bag. He'll give his final checks on the bags, before handing it over to the girl as he lightly bows his head. ]

Thanks for your patronage.
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[ He's not blushing, water u talkin bout!! Most definitely not looking at her, though. That's a huge flattery, and he isn't even sure if he should take it seriously. Well, as long as she enjoys the show, he guesses? It's good enough. ]


[ Just when he's about to clean his machine to prepare for the next customer, the girl exclaims, getting his attention back at her again. Holy fucking shit, are those mirror balls or are those eyes. He almost got a fright from just how ecstatic she seemed. ...Rather, fright from how adorable she looked, that is. ]

Uh. Yeah. No problem.

[ No more denials can be done as he can feel his face going beet red. On top of being praised, she shows what he wants to see the most: people enjoying what he made. Even if most of the credit goes to the machine, it still makes him happy. ]

...Enjoy the festival.
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[ Mondo nods at her, not meeting her eyes. He steals a glance when she walks off, though, and holy shit she happens to be looking too! And what the fuck's that smile?! ...No big deal, man, he's... fine. He's chill. He's totally chill.

The rest of his shift, he can barely remember it. While he's pretty sure he did the orders correctly, it also felt like he went through motion, like he was going on autopilot. Shit man, what did he do to deserve such a blessing? A cute girl who's not scared of him, and on top of that... treats him so kindly like an angel. He probably won't see her again, but that still is something to be happy about, probably. Right? It's better than nothing, an accomplishment, if he wants to be over-the-top.

"Aniki, your shift's over. Takemichi and I will take over from here."

The voice of another member of his gang snaps him off his daze, getting him to his feet. ]


[ After handing everything over, he rejects his shift buddy's offer to walk around the festival with him because what's the fun in walking around this place with a dude?! Then again, since he's here already, maybe he can look around for a bit on his own before going home. Maybe there's something interesting.

Once he's changed to his normal clothes of t-shirt and shorts, he wanders around booths aimlessly, head turning to the left, and then right, left, and then right. Huh. There sure are many things this year. What's that stand? 'Get Your Fortune Read! 30% Chance of Accuracy!' ...Only 30%? The hell's that, so darned fishy. It's definitely eye-catching, though. In fact, Mondo doesn't realise where he's walking with his eyes discerning the booth, until he bumps into a small frameー ]

Whoa! Shit, sorry... You okay?!

[ Sure hope whoever that is will be fine. ]
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[ He didn't get a proper look of the person he was bumping to, but now that he doesー ]

Youー [ Wait, what?! Delicious corncob hair?! ] Uh. [ He looks up to his hair. Does it look like a corncob? He's feeling super conscious about it now, brushing the tip idly with his hand. ] ...A, anyway. Are you lost? [ That would explain her standing in the middle of the bustling alley and her being alone. Didn't she say she come here with a friend? ]